[tor-project] Notes from December 15 2016 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Mon Dec 19 08:26:21 UTC 2016

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Notes for December 15 2016 meeting:

1) Worked on DRL full proposal for Tor on mobile
2) Linda is keeping me updated on her work with metrics and ooni teams
- - I am very excited not only with the results of it but the process
both teams are taking to build both experiences.
2.1) Metrics new design is freezing today for development - here are
her final feedback to the team:
2.1.1) comments on the design:
2.1.2) comments on the text:
2.2) Spent most of the week performing interviews with OONI users to
collect their feedback
3) Hiro updates
3.1) Sent her plans on how to approach the email interface to create
and update tickets request from Trac wish list with the rest of Tor
community for feedback
3.2) She is looking into Trac api to see what can be done there for
other requests from the wish list
3.3) VPN for gitlab - she has to wait till network-team and admins
have discussed requirements and how it will be used etc
3.4) She will meet with Sebastian to start planning the handover of duties
3.5) I gave a last chance for new people who has to be added to
people's page to give me a description by eow - after that I will
create a ticket for hiro with all the changes Shari passed to me to
do. This is a first pass, we might have other updates for this page in
the future (according to Shari)
3.6) I start to follow up with Kevin on the blog status and gave the
heads up to Hiro about taking over the blog maintenance as well
4) Working on final report/invoice to sponsorU
5) Working with android folks to make sure we reach first milestone of
isc by dec 23rd (alpha release of security slider on orfox)
6) helped a little bit with blog posts and tweets
7) Starting to get on Sida proposal

1) Merged ed25519 identity-based circuit extension and another part of
hidden services. Noice!
2) Guard revamp lands tomorrow, I hope.
3) stable comes out next week, barring misadventure.
4) on a similar timeframe.
5) Blog post coordination: how important is it to get our release and
our "what's new in 029" blog post out on the same day?

1) We got all the Tor Browser releases out that contained the last
SponsorU bits
2) Helped with the DRL proposal
3) Helped Isabela with the SponsorU report

1) Published report in collaboration with Amnesty international on
Ethiopia: https://ooni.torproject.org/post/ethiopia-report/
2) Published announcement on the beta release of the Web UI:
3) David Fifield started looking at the data collected by OONI on Tor
bridges and directory authorities. See:
4) Started drafting a design document for the OONI Probe Orchestration

1) Blog post on ten principles is ready when we want it to go up.
Thinking of cross-post on medium.com.
2) About to send mail to all the Tor Labs projects

1) Press release and some press work on OONI/Amnesty's excellent
Ethiopia report; coverage in AfricaTimes, Associated Press
(republished in many outlets, including Washington Post web site), and
we're expecting a Forbes article.
2) Answering multiple press queries about Trump
3) Answering press inquiries on other topics

1) End of year campaign stuff. The blog posts are taking quite a bit
of time.
2) Board meeting last week.
3) Gonna make edits to the Sida proposal before we submit again on
December 23.

1) Spending a lot of time and energy on the Metrics
redesign/reorganization this week.
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