[tor-project] email interface for Trac: a proposal

Silvia [Hiro] hiro at torproject.org
Mon Dec 12 20:52:16 UTC 2016


I have shared the first version here:

You will find procmail config, perl script verifying gpg signature (very
simple), python script to verify user permissions and create/update trac
tickets (still WIP).

Looking forward to get more feedback on the proposed changes.

- s

On 10/12/16 09:31, Peter Palfrader wrote:
> On Fri, 09 Dec 2016, David Goulet wrote:
>> One thing here that could block a user is the GPG key expiration. If the key
>> is expired, I guess the validation should fail but would be nice that the user
>> gets a meaningful message at that point.
>> In that case, this setup will need to have a quick way to retrieve a key that
>> is in the database but not working (expired). Not sure how to pull that off
>> but I'll let you think about it :).
> If your key in db.torproject.org is expired, you screwed up.  You file a
> ticket with tpa to have it updated.  This isn't something that trac (or
> other consumers of the keyring) need to work around imo.
> weasel

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