[tor-project] Notes from December 8 2016 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Mon Dec 12 08:32:04 UTC 2016

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Notes for December 8 2016 meeting:

1) trying to help organize the blog posts for fundraising campaign
2) trying to answer as many Cass questions for DRL proposal as I can
3) coordinating with Sue Abt and Adam from OTF to close sponsorU
4) synced with Hiro and she will take the stuff Sebastian wants to
pass on - she replied to his email on internal and will coordinate
with him
5) Linda is doing a lot of work with the Metrics team new site project
as well as with OONI usability improvements project - ux methodology
is evolving every project she takes (she is also doing a lot of work
on documenting things) - we want to ping OTF and DRL about this
because I believe sponsors will be glad to see Tor's implementing
usability into it's development processes.
6) working with folks on Orfox ISC project to make sure we meet new
deadlines - Linda is preparing the user testing methodology we will
use on Q1 2017 to test the security slider on Orfox

0) The Tor Browser manual is now up on Transifex! Thanks Phoul!! The
community team continues to work on stuff related to the support
portal too.
1) Update on funding needs for Global South Tor trainers
2) I have a draft blog post on training people about Tor, which will
include some of my slides, some of Isa's, and info about tor-teachers
mailing list and wiki. I can hold onto this until whenever.
3) LFP update

1) December seems likely to be a tidying-up month for pending work,
etc. Not sure what else I should be working on. That's not a cry for
more work though.

1) Answering various press queries--we're being blocked in Belarus!
2) Press release for crowdfunding campaign
3) Various loose ends as well.

1) I'm in a similar place as Nick - picking up loose ends. In general,
I'm trying to decide which is the most useful thing I can be doing
this month. Any guidance would be helpful. Here's the things I am
aware of that I could do, but am not sure exactly how to rank them:
 * Sink more effort into the Tor Copperhead Prototype, or just let it
coast for a while by merging other people's patches. Leaning towards
the latter, but people are contacting me about stuff (including funding)
 * Work on tor-core traffic analysis things (ie NSF and Netflow patch)
 * Help with the DRL proposal.
 * Try to interface more with Mozilla
 * Work on gathering the "Tor at the Heart" projects into Tor Labs.
 * Work on a blog post arguing that the technology industry should do
more to protect its users (may not be a good thing to mix in with the
fundraising campaign?)
 * Work on another blog post for our fundraising campaign.
 * Help with the tor-core hiring process.
 * review of #18022 (and #15056, and other tickets?)
 * update tor browser design doc section about website traffic
fingerprinting if needed

1) We were working on SponsorU wrap up and made preliminary plans for
the coming weeks and months working towards the ESR 52 transition
2) I helped with the DRL proposal

1) Pushed out a new release of ooniprobe that includes IM tests as
well as testing of reachability of Tor bridges and Directory
authorities enabled by default.
2) Published a blog post about blocking of Tor in Belarus:
3) Improvements to our continuous integration and testing for
ooniprobe (demo.probe.ooni.io is now automatically redeployed on merge
to master and we have a daily tests to ensure debian and ubuntu
packages are working)
4) Writing a report on the internet shutdown in Gambia
5) Design work for the OONI UX is continuing and it's going very well
(see: https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/doc/UX/OoniUiDesign)
6) We have a blog post with an overview on OONI for the Tor at the
heart of campaign:

1) Made good progress on Tor Metrics website redesign project together
with linda, isabela, iwakeh, hiro, and RaBe (contracted web designer).
 Latest prototype is at http://metrics.cc-ltd.net/.
2) Helped a bit with the mobile Tor Browser proposal for DRL.

1) Wrangling end-of-year blog post contributors. Thanks for everyone's
help with this.
2) Editing and budgeting for DRL proposal.
3) Brainstorming ideas on how to shake things up and create a Twitter
storm to bring in more donations.

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