[tor-project] email interface for Trac: a proposal

Silvia [Hiro] hiro at torproject.org
Fri Dec 9 17:54:32 UTC 2016

Hi everyone,

I have been working my way through a wish list of Trac features, and
started from implementing an interface to create and reply to tickets
via email.

I now have a simple prototype, but before proceeding I'd like to receive
some feedback on my proposal so far.

So here is my masterplan:

1. Verify that the email is signed and the signature is recognised. For
the moment and during the first pilot we could restrict this feature to
@tpo addresses and verify the key w/ the info we have in db.tpo. Further
on, we can verify the key by importing eventually missing keys from
known keyservers.

I am implementing step 1 through procmail and a simple script.

2. If the email has a valid signature, check permissions for the users,
parse the email and create the ticket or reply to a thread.

I am implementing step 2 through a python script, so that I can
interface directly with Trac libraries.

Note that I am assuming that I am receiving somehow the email on the
server. For testing purpose I have been configuring postfix, but this of
course might change in prod.

A couple of questions I now have.

- Do you have any particular concern with this setup?

- Anything I should consider when introducing a change in a tpo
infrastructure machine?

One last thing: the architecture is simple enough but I'd like to share
my scripts and procmail setup, so that you can all have a look. Can I
get a git repo for this project?


- s

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