[tor-project] Notes from December 1 2016 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Mon Dec 5 08:09:16 UTC 2016

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Notes for December 1 2016 meeting:

1) The team has done well with me totally distracted by finishing the
Guard stuff for Sponsor U. I finished it yesterday, and I think it
went well.
2) Not too much to add. Coding is a fun and rewarding activity.
3) I think we should put out 0.2.8/0.2.9 releases some time soon-ish?
4) I want a roadmap.  I should make one.

1) We wrapped up SponsorU items; it seems we get all required things
into the next alpha release.
2) I've been distracted by the chemspill releases for the SVG 0-day
3) I provided feedback for the DRL proposal.
4) I started with planning for the coming weeks (post-SponsorU-time).

1) Global South outreach: South America, India, getting funding for
the folks who want to do this
2) Support desk: TB manual is up on transifex, Colin is steadily
chipping away at tasks for support.torproject.org
3) I will have a blog post ready soon to promote some of our training
4) November was an incredibly busy month for me with LFP stuff, but
now that it's December I can focus more on Tor, especially working on
community docs, building outreach capacity, working on Rapid Response
and OONI connection, and building the support portal.
5) Do you want full LFP updates on here too? Looks like the answer is
yes! I will start adding LFP updates for the next meeting.

1) Counseling Tor people about media interactions
2) SVG 0-day exploit press coordination - Thanks for everyone's
3) Isabela and Erin are tweeting now from @torproject--hope others
will be able to soon.
4) Excited that at least some Tor press clips will appear in press
room of Tor website soon--we have many many, including lots of
non-English ones.
5) Participated in Mozilla's MOSS tweet chat, which Mozilla was
pleased by :)
6) Dealing with various other reporter requests
7) Edited multiple blog posts (Mission Improbable, etc.)
8) Wrote and distributed short press release about Mission Improbable
Android Tor phone prototype; made some press calls; garnered some
media attention (didn't go full-force because it's an early prototype
and there was concern about overpromising) Ars Technica, CNNews.ru,
Портал Naked Science, CURVED (Germany), FredZone (France), Programmez!
(France), Next INpact (France), Svět Androida, Numerama (French),
TooLinix (French), etc. (I should list this stuff more often--oh well)

1) We need to have a shared vision for handling blog post comments in
2) I'm going to Seattle on Wednesday
3) I talked to our NSF program manager
4) I'm buried in logistics stuff still
5) I'm mostly back from my surgery

1) Finished up the mission improbable post with help from Katie -
talked to some reporters; fixed bugs, merged patches (yay!)
 * The plan seems to have more or less worked in terms of getting
developer attention
2) Working on "Technology in the Darkest Timeline" post for guidance
for tech companies
 * Struggling a bit with structure. Have 9-10 General Principles, and
an outline of specific suggestions for Google, Apple, and Mozilla
    * Not sure if this should be one post, two posts, or four
   * Could use some review of the general principals
 * Our mail situation makes me sad. Many places think my mail is spam
when I use @torproject.org (but not my personal mail).
   * (SPF and DKIM on my own domains has fixed my problems for them,
but not for @torproject.org)
   * I may have to stop using @torproject.org as my email address.

1) Did: 2016 summary of Metric Team work for MOSS
2) Did: ISC orfox security slider work report
3) Doing: random donation campaign stuff
4) Did: prep for MOSS chat
5) Doing: closing sponsorU contract - report of all deliverables
finished and prep for final invoice
6) Update: hiro tasks are now organized here (she is also in touch
with qbi for tasks from him):
 * website press page has been updated
 * next is the people's page
7) Update: linda is working with metrics team and ooni on their
respective ux projects / projects are documented on ux wiki page and
we are creating a kanban board on storm to keep track of all projects
the ux team are or will work on
8) Did: got headcounts for ux and network team for 2017 budget
9) Doing: helping with drl full proposal review
10) Doing: Global south: vinicius has been doing great outreach in
Brazil and got a bunch of people to run bsd tor relays / i am in touch
with noisebridge bc they have a fund for relays in Brazil - plan is to
connect them with vinicius and a couple of other people / also need
to: 1. follow up with other folks who wants to help 2. build wiki page
11) I will be on vacation from December 8th till 12th / then again on
the first week of January

1) Been working on end-of-year blog posts.
2) Sending emails to former donors and TWN subscribers to tell them
about our end-of-year campaign.
3) There's a board meeting on Monday.

1) Hired a designer to do the UX work and collected some of the design
assets for them here: https://github.com/openobservatory/design
2) Made a release candidate for ooniprobe 2.1.0 that includes IM tests
and support for checking reachability of Tor Bridges (only via
tcp_connect at the moment)
3) ooniprobe 2.0.2 is not packaged for debian and ubuntu. Announcement
for it coming out soon.
4) We published the notes for the OONI meeting in berlin. You can find
them here:

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