[tor-project] iOS AppStore - Trademark violations

Nima Fatemi nima at torproject.org
Sat Dec 3 20:28:00 UTC 2016

Hey there,

Following the great news that Onion Browser for iOS finally became free,
I took a look at Apple AppStore to see what other apps are there that
are pretending to be "the" Tor for iOS, and unfortunately found plenty
that use Tor logo or brand name to promote themselves. Most of which are
not free (as in beer / nor as in freedom) and seem to be even injecting
ads to users.

The worst part... some of them have hundreds of 5 star reviews. So I
collected a bunch of them under this ticket:


However I couldn't find the right component to file the ticket under. So
I thought I'd drop a line to the mailing list and let people know this
exists, in case the ones who need to deal with these issues read the
mailing list.

Should we have a legal component on trac?

Enjoy the weekend!
0X58C4B928A3E218F6 | @mrphs

"I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right
to say it" --Evelyn Beatrice Hall

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