[tor-project] Rapid response against censorship

Kate ailanthus at riseup.net
Fri Aug 19 19:04:00 UTC 2016


> Of course we could do more and spread the word via email lists and other
> venues and communication channels. We also could be more prepared and
> have messages already translated in multiple languages so it's easier to
> have something in the right language for the population we want to reach.

I've also emailed press releases to local and international media for
the last two rapid response events and reached out to reporters on
Twitter.  I posted the information to several human rights email lists.
I Tweeted and Facebooked in English and the local language (with lots of
help!)--there were large numbers of retweets. For Turkey, I also
contacted the Amnesty and Human Rights Watch people on the ground there.

I love the idea of having messages pre-translated and ready to go!

If we develop a visible brand for this, it will help spread the word also.

Thanks, Isabela,


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