[tor-project] Notes from August 11 2016 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Tue Aug 16 08:22:19 UTC 2016

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Notes for August 11 2016 meeting:

1) finished sida proposal !
2) have many reports pending that I am trying to work on while I am
not working on grant proposals :(
3) trying to get 029 to a realistic state by eow
4) got names/resumes for service maintainer position -- didn't have
time to review them yet :(
5) synced with Arturo - I will start having a bi-weekly sync with the
OONI team starting in September to help them be on track for
deliverables etc

1) Fastly blog post
2) Multiple media requests
3) Released Social Contract to the media; meh response (however, it
got a positive response on social media). OTI liked it

1) My mail server is offline due to FDC being a horrible ISP.
Hopefully will have it relocated soon, though doing so is going to
cost me time. I also may or may not be losing mail right now.
2) I'm still working on a Tor Phone prototype based on Copperhead.
I've almost got Verified Boot working. Maybe will be able to launch
Tor Labs next week or the week after with details.

1) On vacation next week! I will check email every day or two. I will
avoid IRC. Call if there is an emergency.
2) Overwhelmed wrt 029 triage, OTF reply, sponsorV listing.
3) Overwhelmed with people dropping 1-2 hour tasks on me.

1) I'm on vacation next week too! I will probably be more online than
Nick though.
2) My meeting with the SponsorR program manager went well last week.
Now it remains for us to actually build and deploy the new onion
services design.
3) I submitted a no-cost-extension request for SponsorM which caused a
landslide of chaos that I am now riding.
4) I'm still trying to get Mike Perry to talk to Jeremy Epstein about
his secure browser ideas.
5) I think we should consider having internal funding proposal
deadlines, followed by internal red-teaming of the proposals.
6) I got invited to do a keynote in March and they offered me a $20k
honorarium(!)  I've asked them to give it to Tor since that's how I
think these things should work.
7) NSF grant with UIC is progressing, and we have some decisions to
make, to ensure it turns into the kind of project we want it to.

1) I've been dealing with my backlog after my vacation
2) I helped a bit with the SIDA proposal
3) I dealt with some fallout from bug 19890
4) How can we move bug 19652 forward (getting Whonix to use Tor
Browser officially)? <- Georg will answer on the bug

1) social contract is getting amazing reception, including a note from
Chelsea Manning:
https://twitter.com/xychelsea/status/763535177683382273. I still need
to add this to the website in "About Tor" but we should talk about
what else could go in a values/ethics subcategory there
2) Phoul and I have been working on fixing Tor support and we'd like
to start working on a support portal, support.torproject.org, modeled
after support.twitter.com and using the new Tor Browser manual, Tor
glossary, and some revised versions of the old templates from the
support desk. Phoul can do the design.
3) continuing work on other community governance docs, planning some
Tor Dev stuff with gunner, contacting other community councils, doing
lots of trainings

1) In San Francisco this week to meet with Gunner and our attorney
about TorDev meeting plans.
2) Preparing for board meeting on Monday.

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