[tor-project] Notes from August 4 2016 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Mon Aug 8 07:50:11 UTC 2016

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Notes for August 4 2016 meeting:

1) Just getting back from East Coast trip.
2) Met with Gunner to discuss Seattle
meeting-formerly-known-as-TorDev. Meeting with Gunner and attorney
next week in San Francisco to further flesh things out.
3) Approving travel for meeting attendees using our Egencia account.
4) Rolled out health benefits for employees as of August 1.
5) Reviewed 990 and sending comments to auditors.
6) Helping with Sida grant proposal. It's huge with lots of great stuff!

1) working on sida non-stop
2) finishing quarterly report as soon i am done reviewing sida -- lots
of work on sida
3) meeting nick tomorrow to sync on network team stuff but will also
get some ideas for drl proposal

1) Been talking to Kevin about migrating the blog. He is ready to go.
We should get him a contract.
2) Working on refreshing my prototype Tor phone based on Copperhead
for Tor Labs. My hope is that having this as a first post will both
raise a ton of awareness about interesting Tor-related Android
projects, as well as draw more attention to the Tor labs launch.

1) Pitched Weasel’s first blog post to Weasel—on Debian and Tor onion
services; partnered with Debian media person to release it
simultaneously; got a press hit (wasn’t expecting any) and a bit of
positive attention on social media
2) Blog post on Tor animation; distributed blog post to reporters and
expect some media attention (got one hit so far)
3) Blog post on Serene and Snowflake
4) Pitched and set up meetings between reporters for Shari in NY and DC
5) Answered multiple media queries
6) Mr Robot’s whole plot revolves around nefarious onion services.
Their content advisors include a CloudFlare tech person and a former
FBI person. Will try to pitch alternate story lines (very longshot)
and also will contact Silicon Valley TV producers to see if we can get
Tor on there.

1) Community Council: we're reaching out to other councils for ideas
on guidelines and balancing between privacy and transparency
2) Lunar agreed to take up TWN again. The community team will assist
him as needed.
3) otherwise, doing what I was doing last week: SIDA, community docs,
support desk stuff, community team outreach, trainings/traveling

1) Prepared first monthly team report for July 2016 to be published
2) Upgraded the CollecTor host to Debian jessie.
3) Put out metrics-lib bugfix release 1.3.1.
4) Worked on CollecTor tickets in preparation of first release 1.0.0
next week.

1) been sick on and off; trying to work
2) team seems to be doing ok
3) talked with some equalit.ie folks about possible collaboration areas.
 * who has been working on tech solutions to cloudflare-type issues?
we should put them in touch
 * they are looking for somebody interested in next-gen PTv2 designs,
see https://equalit.ie/lead-developer-and-darknet-enthusiast/ , see
also CENO2. Might be interested in collaboration. PTv2 designs need
firming up and circulating though.
 * do we have anybody on tor-messenger who would be interested in
np1sec integration?

1) I went to the DRL reverse site visit, and have been doing SponsorR
stuff around that.

Comment: GPGTools - http://gpgtools.org


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