[tor-project] The Tor Project Social Contract

Mike Tigas mike at tig.as
Wed Aug 3 21:43:46 UTC 2016

> [...]
>     for the security of all users. {+Wealth should not be a determining
>     factor to access our tools, and we do our best to distributed them
>     free of charge or at a fair price.+} We design, build, and deploy
> [...]

I think this rewording nails it on the head: the spirit that we (I?)
want here in #3 is that we _should_ strive to make our tools as
accessible as possible with regard to acquisition, use, and reuse:
including (as Katie pointed out) the accessibility issue of cost. The
Social Contract should encourage everyone who works on Tor-related
projects to keep things like this (freedom of availability &
accessibility) in mind. (Along with the other points in the Social
Contract.) I think it does a great job at that.

Kudos to everyone who put this together and everybody who's been
contributing to this conversation.

Mike Tigas
@mtigas | https://mike.tig.as/ | 0xA993E7156E0E9923

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