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Marietta Baderna -- marietta was the name of a server i used to admin
back in the day, we choose it because of a Italian dancer, I quote the

"Baderna" is a unique word in Brazilian Portuguese which means
confusion, disorder, mess. But its origin is peculiar: it served to
classify, pejoratively, the noisy followers of an Italian dancer who
caused a furore in the country, her name.? Marietta  Maria Baderna.

The word that today defines the absence of rules emerged in the late
19th century, when an Italian dance company came to the then capital of
the Empire of Brazil, Rio de Janeiro. The trip was a form of protest
against the political persecution: occupied by Austria, Italy
revolutionaries had a consensus to not to promote artistic life as the
occupation lasted as a form of protest.

Part of that company, the dancer Marietta Maria Baderna, daughter of
doctor and musician Antonio Baderna, would have sought exile in Brazil
as 1849. Talented, soon won a legion of fans, admirers both her dance
moves as her rebellious spirit and contester . Innovative, she was
criticized by introducing lundum elements (Afro-Brazilian dance
practiced by slaves) between the steps of classical dance - amid a
conservative and slave society.

Marietta Baderna was in Rio de Janeiro in 1851, causing "a certain
frisson," according to the Concise Oxford Dictionary. The term "baderna"
is associated with her admirers, called "the badernas" which sang Muse's
name at the end of their presentations. The choir was frowned upon by
society at the time, which associated the noise and unrestrained passion
of the fans as something bad.


On 08/03/2016 07:48 AM, micah wrote:
> Kate <ailanthus at riseup.net> writes:
>> I love these; also (though obvious):
>> --Ada
>> --SojournerTruth (ran Underground Railroad)
>> Are there other interesting people we could name it after? It's nice
>> pluck an important person out of obscurity for things like this.
> elysard. an early pseudonym of michael bakunin
> "The Reaction in Germany" (1842), Bakunin's first political writings,
> under the pseudonym "Jules Elysard":
> https://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/Mikhail_Bakunin
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