[tor-project] New Bridge Authority

micah anderson micah at riseup.net
Wed Aug 3 14:42:51 UTC 2016

Carolin Zöbelein <contact at carolin-zoebelein.de> writes:

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> Am Mittwoch, den 03.08.2016, 09:54 +0000 schrieb isis agora lovecruft:
>> Hello all,
>> Today, I am very excite to take a field trip (!!) to a datacenter
>> (!!!)  with
>> some most excellent folks from Greenhost (DrWhax and Sacha!!!).  We
>> will be
>> racking a server and installing an OS on it, and getting it ready to
>> be a new
>> Bridge Authority to replace Tonga.
>> Earlier this week, David Goulet and I got a Bridge Authority up and
>> running in
>> a test network, so perhaps a logical step will be to put the new
>> Bridge Auth
>> into the test network and ensure that it's at least cursorily
>> behaving.
>> The new Bridge Auth needs a name.  Suggestions welcome. :)

Naming is always the hardest part...

Port-au-Prince: legendary pirate treasure ship sunk off of Tonga

Lata: Melanesian folk tale; also the shipwreck M.V. Lata, Pangaimotu,
Tongatapu, in the kingdom of tonga,

Nassau - Former Privateer's Republic for 11 years, operated on its "Code
of Conduct"

Zephyr The wreck of the Zephyr, resulted in the 1852 drowning of 6
people, including the ship-master and steward, with one woman passenger

Minerva - the Minerva Reefs, briefly de facto independent in 1972 as the
Republic of Minerva, are a group of two submerged atolls located in the
Pacific Ocean south of Fiji and Tonga.

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