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Tue Aug 2 20:40:23 UTC 2016

On Sat, Jul 30, 2016 at 08:09:10PM +0200, Lunar wrote:
> ilv at torproject.org:
> > The Tor Project is frequently associated to a set of concepts which
> > includes privacy, freedom of speech and anonymity. IMO the latter is
> > as important as the others (and actually when you go to Tor Project's
> > website it says: "Tor Project: Anonymity Online"), but I didn't have
> > that feeling when I read the contract. In other words, I have the
> > impression that the concept of anonymity has been put aside. Is this
> > the case, or I'm just overthinking the way it was written?
> The very first point of the social contract explicitely mention
> “anonymity and privacy technologies”:
> > > 1. We advance human rights by creating and deploying usable
> > > anonymity and privacy technologies
> > > 
> > > We believe that privacy, the free exchange of ideas, and access to
> > > information are essential to free societies. Through our community
> > > standards and the code we write, we provide tools that help all
> > > people protect and advance these rights.
> This one comes first because it more or less restates Tor mission
> statement. I'm left to wonder how you felt we put the concept of
> anonymity aside. :)

Yes, you are right. Also, it's the only occurrence of the word "anonymity" in the whole text. That was the reason for the wrong impression I had.
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