[tor-project] The Tor Project Social Contract

Alison macrina at riseup.net
Tue Aug 2 00:51:00 UTC 2016

Hi Mike, I think that this is valid criticism. I'd really like it if we
could at least clarify that we will always make most of our tools free
of cost. I've added that line to your revision:

Mike Perry:
> Here's an attempt to reword to capture my thinking:
>   3. Our tools are universally available to access, use, adapt, and distribute
>   The more diverse our users, the less simply being a user of Tor implies
>   about any user, so we aim to create tools that anyone can access and
>   use. We will always make most of our tools free of cost. We do not restrict access to our tools unless it is for the
>   security of all users, and we design, build, and deploy our tools
>   without collecting identifiable information about our users. We expect
>   the code and research we publish to be improved by many different
>   people, and that is only possible if everyone has the ability to use,
>   copy, modify, and redistribute our tools.

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