[tor-project] Notes from July 28 2016 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Mon Aug 1 08:44:20 UTC 2016

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Notes for July 28 2016 meeting:

1) Support manual: Colin sent it to tor-project@ for final review,
once that's finished we'll focus on translations and ways to promote
and disseminate it. We're also working on a Tor glossary, and
eventually will get started on an FAQ. The end goal for support stuff
is to make it into a portal similar to support.twitter.com.
2) Social contract: it's done and it's here in read-only form:
I need to send a mail to tor-project@ about ratifying it (I guess they
will see this first anyway, but that's okay). I'm not sure the best
way to do that; I can just write something brief explaining what the
SC is and give folks a week or so to accept/object to it, and then if
all is well I can publish it on the blog and other places. Thinking
"About Tor" and the community team wiki are two places it should live.
3) Working on a lot of outreach trying to build the community team.
4) Cool stuff coming up for LFP/Tor outreach: IFLA, DCPL, Toronto
Public Library, maybe Finland

0) I was at PETS last week; I'm at SponsorR meeting this week and next.
1) NSF: Good news! We're on track to get another NSF grant, for 2
years, joint with University of Illinois Chicago and Eindhoven. They
funded something like 5 proposals out of 120.
2) I've been thinking a lot lately about what I should focus on once I
finish traveling too much (i.e. starting in Oct). Catching up on the
research side is a strong contender, especially since we're heading
towards have five (five!) concurrent NSF grants.
3) David and I talked about good content for technical 33c3 talks, and
Tor Browser seemed like a great option. David mailed Mike and Georg.
4) We're asking Isis to run the next bridge directory authority. Linus
and Moritz and I had a good chat about a replacement (ninth) directory
5) How are we doing on the blog re-do?
6) I just mailed Lunar to make sure he's still on track to start up
TWN in September.
7) How are we doing on moving Storm to a weasel-run host?

1) releasing (stable!) RSN.  Have to decide whether to include
some annoying solaris fixes in it.  Leaning towards no.
2) We are missing a step in our dev-meeting and benefits
communication.  That step is that we should say "If you have not heard
from XYZ by date ABC, you should assume your email was lost, and send
3) PETS etc.

1) Finishing the draft of the SIDA proposal
2) Did retrospective with network-team last Monday (our second IRC
3) Simply Secure is progressing with our style guidelines

0) I am back to help Georg this week rebasing and tagging Tor Browser
for next weeks release.
1) After that, I will be digging myself out of email and trying to
come up with a plan for Tor Labs

1) Internet of Things media coverage with Nathan (Intercept, Wired,
podcast, etc.)
2) Working on Q and A  with Nima to pull out some key things from HOPE
for human rights activists and nontechnical users
3) Snooping nodes—Edited and published statement by Donncha and Roger
on blog about our positive relationship to this NEU research
4) Media strategy around Jake situation
5) Have various good newses to roll out to the media and will do so as
soon timing makes sense
6) Met with a big bunch of reporters at HOPE, mainly to build
relationships. It went really well.
The focus was not to pitch specific things but we did bat around story
ideas. They are interested in: a) Onion services rollout (stage by
stage if necessary--so it's helpful to keep me in the loop about when
things are coming up); b) Tor metrics

1) We put out the release ending the investigation. As expected, it’s
been getting a lot of press.
2) Invitations went out for TorDev.
3) We’re rolling out benefits for all employees as of August 1. Erin
the HR person has been rocking.
4) I'll be traveling to the East Coast for the rest of this week and
half of next week.  Visiting with family in NYC this weekend, meeting
with reporters and Gunner (!) on Friday.  Then heading to DC for the
DRL audit next week.  Meeting with Nima while I’m there.

1) Had three (!) meetings with iwakeh since last week to coordinate
MOSS award work.  Wrote/tested/reviewed a lot of code.  Changes are
90% to improve code quality and 10% to add features, so will be
invisible to most people.  But software quality matters, and soon
we'll add fancy features, too.

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