[tor-project] Notes from April 7 2016 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Fri Apr 15 07:16:28 UTC 2016

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Notes from Apr 14 2016 meeting:

1) With Isabela I've been doing new team process stuff, see
. We have buy-in from a lot of the team at this point.
2) I made a cert for mikeperry and GeKo to sign TB stuff on OSX. Georg
seems to think it works.
3) Sometime this month or so (so, this week) I should renew our
wildcard cert. Our existing cert expires May 3.

1a) https://www.petsymposium.org/2016/stipends.php is up and ready
1b) Mind if we accept $20k of PETS stipend money from Ford, and plan
to send out stipends from it?
#action: need an opinion from Shari, but I hope yes
2) What's our Plan for internal community vetting of new hires?
What's our plan for internal community vetting of Shari's new hires? I
heard Shari was going to run them past Isa and kate. That's a good
start. Is that enough? Should we want more?
Two things from last week that still want attention:
3) tor blog contract details
4) monthly reports?

1) Continuing to work with iwakeh on CollecTor and metrics-lib, with
most discussions taking place on Trac tickets and wiki pages.
2) Just had a useful session, also with iwakeh, to identify an FAQ for
new metrics team members (where do I start? what are processes for
everything?).  We hope to answer many of those Q's using a small
number of guides (contributor's guide, release guide, operator's
guide).  We have been looking at existing guides, like Google's Java
Style Guide, that we'd like to adapt.  Everything will go on the wiki.

1) We make progress on the esr45 transition although we are a bit
behind my schedule. Nevertheless the next alpha will be esr45 based
2) We got the OS X signing going it seems and will test with a wider
audience in the upcoming alpha

1. Pinged Kevin about the blog contract to try to get it locked in. No
reply :/
2. Helped Isa a bit with the tor-core 029 ticket triage. Suggested
some patterns that worked for Tor Browser (primarily tagging tickets
by topic rather than tracking stuff off-bugtracker, which will help
with both current proposal tracking/visibility and future proposals).
3. Worked on the OTF proposal with Isabela; Hope to finish the Tor
Browser sections by this weekend.
4. Worked with Nick to get a cert for our OSX Tor Browser builds

1) meeting Laura w/ Shari this Friday. Hope to hear better news from
her. I emailed DRL requesting the follow up phone call they offered in
the rejection email. I also pinged Dan to see if he is around, should
be good to check in with him as well.
2) Working on OTF proposal, spent yesterday working with Mike on it. I
hope to share what I have for Nick to review the deliverables I am
writing there -- Nick I will do it before I go to DC, so you can give
me your feedback till the weekend and I can continue working on it
over the weekend. Mike will follow up with Georg on TBB deliverables
as well. Roger I need you to give me names with their contacts to be
used as reference. (Roger has done so)
3) Had sponsorT (or PT) meeting on Monday which was good to get a lot
of information on what happened the past months and to figure out what
to do next. Nima got a game plan to move on and I am follow up with
Yawning (currently he is working on obfs5 but will pick up other PT
stuff as well).
4) Next week on implementers meetings at DRL till the 20th (Wed). 20th
is also the soft deadline for OTF full proposal and deadline for
sponsorT report.

1. Still getting the community team in order but have recruited a few
new members. The next meeting is 20 April so I'll be pinging people
all week about it.
2. phoul and I have done a lot of work on the support team manual and
if I can get my LDAP account approved, he and I will push our changes
out together. I anticipate we'll be working on this through next week.
3. Planning to meet with members of the community council next week to
go over the draft social contract, which we'll then share with
tor-internal for feedback. Probably will do the same with the
membership doc.
4. Juris, qbi, I and others will soon write the OTF concept note for
Tor relay community capacity building. We've had a series of meetings
with the different relay operators, and with their help and Moritz's
we've got enough material to write the proposal. The objective here is
to give support to relay operators worldwide, and that support
includes legal resources, in-person meetings, and so forth.
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