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Wed Apr 13 19:48:15 UTC 2016


I'm very happy to announce I'll be starting a position as a Ph.D. researcher
in Applied Cryptography at the Institute for Computing and Information
Sciences of Radboud Universiteit in Nijmegen, starting in September this year.
I'll be working with Lejla Batina as my supervisor, and Joan Daemen and Peter
Schwabe as advisors.  My topic is broadly "make tor's crypto better".  More
specifically, it's "make tor post-quantum"; beyond that, it could reasonably
include working with other cryptographers to design some of the weirder
constructions which tor needs, e.g. the 509-byte chained wide-block cipher
that Nick's been going on about.

The position lasts for four years, but covers only 50% of my time, because my
supervisor and I are in full agreement that it would be more beneficial — both
to Tor and to my thesis — if the other 50% of my time is spent doing development
for Tor.

As a non-academic, I feel that this is a somewhat unique opportunity.  I've no
desire to publish papers just for the sake of publishing something with my
name on it — I care about improving Tor.  My hope is that this Ph.D. results
in the design and implementation of things that we've needed for a while.

Best Regards,
 ♥Ⓐ isis agora lovecruft
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