[tor-project] [tor-assistants] Lets have a sponsorT meeting!

Isabela isabela at riseup.net
Thu Apr 7 20:48:07 UTC 2016

I am moving this from tor assistants to tor-project (sorry for the spam
+ cross posting + breaking all rules)

Our meeting is on Monday, April 11th at 8PM UTC and me and Nima had a
call with sponsorT today where they told us what they would like to see
on our report to them (which is due on April 20th).

So it would be cool to chat about it, they are:

1. Report on the work Nick did from the DC meeting and presented at
Valencia (I think it was the updated version of the spec and Yawning
also helped with that)
2. Report on our take from the Valencia meeting and what we will be
doing next (maybe nick and roger can give an update from the meeting -
and we all should figure out what's next together)
3. Stats for wiki and website pages
4. Report on other organizations and projects we met outside the
implementers meeting ( I think Nima has some updates on this)

On 04/06/2016 08:31 AM, Isabela wrote:
> Hi,
> Thank you for filling up the pool. I am picking Monday April 11 at 8pm UTC.
> This time works for everyone who answered doodle and for Yawning as well
> (asked on IRC).
> We can meet at #tor-project.
> Cheers,
> Isabela
> On 04/05/2016 09:13 AM, isabela wrote:
>> Hello there,
>> I would like to set up a quick sync on irc about sponsorT work. We
>> signed the contract with them and I would like to chat with those who
>> attended the PT implementers meetings (in Dec in DC, and in Feb in
>> Valencia) to learn more about what was discussed on those meetings so we
>> can layout some of the work we will be doing as a follow up from it.
>> As you can see below great part of our deliverables are to support the
>> community and be this liaison for them. Nima will be focus on doing this
>> part of the contract and this meeting will be helpful for him as well as
>> he is looking for ideas and input on a strategy from Tor for it.
>> I am copying Tor assistants because others might be interest in joining
>> as well.
>> Nima, Nick, Roger and Yawning - since you are direct related to these
>> topics mentioned above, your participation is super important, please
>> let me know what time this week you are available - here is a doodle:
>> http://doodle.com/poll/sn88mwksdbb2di2f
>> Thanks!
>> Isabela
>> Deliverables:
>> “Tor will also accomplish:
>> • Completion/ongoing support of APT Y1 activities
>> • Attend the Pluggable Transports Implementer's Meeting (PTIM) (to be
>> scheduled in coordination
>> with partners, budgeted under IN)
>> • Additional items as informed by the PTIM and with further budget/scope
>> modifications
>> • Additional 2 PT reviews
>> • Improved PT documentation and spec, with a focus on non-Tor
>> implementations; plus updating
>> Tor's website and wiki to reflect recent work on documentation:
>> Evaluation Criteria, Guidelines to
>> deploy PTs, PT evaluations, and changes to the PT spec”
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