[Tor-project] tor-project@ is a thing, please use it!

Damian Johnson atagar at torproject.org
Sat Oct 17 23:16:06 UTC 2015

Hi all! As previously discussed in scheme #738 subsection 2, we now
have a new list for discussions among our core community. Think if
this as 'tor-internal@ public'. List works as follows...

* Initial membership is identical to tor-internal at .

* Everyone's allowed to watch but posting is restricted to tor
contributors. We can play more fast-and-lose with this than
tor-internal@ membership (it's just posting permission, after all).
Moderated members that attempt to post are referred to...


* Don't freak out! Nothing is happening to tor-internal at . I do,
however, ask that you use this list instead if the nature of your
email doesn't truly need to be s3krit. I'll be gently reminding folks
posting kitten photos to tor-internal@ about this list, but if you
have any need of secrecy just continue to use it.

* Habit is tough to break and folks will keep using tor-internal at . If
you start a post there don't try to move it (cross-list posting is
icky). Just try to remember next time.

Please keep in mind that the success of this list has a little of
something for everyone! Want a more open Tor community? Got ya
covered. Want a more close-knit tor-internal@? Yup, this is for you
folks too. So please make an effort to help make this list a success!

Cheers! -Damian

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