[tor-project] maatuska starts voting BadExit

micah micah at riseup.net
Wed Dec 30 16:32:58 UTC 2015

Damian Johnson <atagar at torproject.org> writes:

> Hi Linus. Any reason not to have longclaw and maatuska start doing
> this at the same time?

Actually Linus and I had been scheming since the last dev meeting to get
both of our dirauths voting BadExit before the end of the year.... and
in fact, in the next consensus vote will have longclaw joining maatuska
in voting BadExit exactly like the other four are doing now (including
AuthDirBadExitCC sy,ir - at least for now).

We put a lot of thought and discussion into it and are running exitmap
scans to get secondary and tertiary confirmations on the results that
are coming in and now feel more confident in the overall understanding
of what this means and how it impacts things.

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