[tor-mirrors] New Mirror

ATI Public Mirror mirror at ati.tn
Sun Nov 22 15:40:02 UTC 2020

Hi Tor Team,

We are Tunisian Internet Agency (ATI),

a public internet provider, we look to setup a public tor mirror in our 

we proceed with your recommandations in 

Bellow some details :

*ATI* : Tunisian Internet Agency ( 22, rue Medina Belvedere 1002 Tunis, 
Tunisia )

*Country* : Tunisia

*Contact email address*: mirror at ati.tn

*Bandwith* : 2x1 Gbit/s (redundancy)

*Disk Space* : 4 To

*host* : http://tor-mirror.ati.tn/

*OS* : CentOS 7.9 and Apache 2.4

*IP* : <callto:>

*Update frequency* : 4 times

Please find in attachment a csv file.

thank you

best chams

*RIAHI Chamseddine*
*Cloud Supervisor*
*Tel : +216147732 *
*Mob : +216 97443012 <callto:+216 97443012>*

*http://www.ati.tn <http://www.ati.tn/>*

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