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Chris chris at privex.io
Wed Jun 26 04:42:00 UTC 2019

Today we've set up a mirror for both the website, and the distributions.

We are Privex Inc. (https://www.privex.io <https://www.privex.io/>), a privacy focused server host based in Belize. We already operate a relay in Finland (privexrelayfin1), and as of today we also operate an exit node in Sweden (privexse1exit) on our own ASN (Privex AS210083). To help out the Tor project even more, we thought we'd use some of our space disk space and bandwidth on our distributed EU file servers.

Our files sub-domain (and the torproject one) is automatically balanced using our own GeoDNS on our nameservers, ensuring the closest server to you is automatically used. It also does health checks on port 80, ensuring it doesn't deliver records for regional file servers which are down.

The TorProject mirror (with the dist folder inside) can be found at either torproject.files.privex.io <http://torproject.files.privex.io/> or files.privex.io/mirrors/torproject.org <http://files.privex.io/mirrors/torproject.org> (via http, https, or rsync)

Both files.privex.io <http://files.privex.io/> and torproject.files.privex.io <http://torproject.files.privex.io/> allow you to manually select the region by adding the region code subdomain - we have se1, de1, and fin1, so for example http://de1.torproject.files.privex.io <http://de1.torproject.files.privex.io/> or http://se1.files.privex.io/mirrors/torproject.org <http://se1.files.privex.io/mirrors/torproject.org> 

Network specs for the individual regional file servers (all of them have IPv4 and IPv6 with A + AAAA records):

 - Our German server has 1gbps up/down
 - Our Finnish server has 1gbps up/down
 - Our Swedish server has 10gbps up/down

I wasn't entirely sure whether the country meant where the files were hosted, or the country the organisation is based in - currently it's BZ (Belize) as that's where Privex is incorporated. In our case, the domain will automatically hand out the closest IPv4/IPv6 address to you - in Germany, Finland, or Sweden.

Here is the CSV entry:

Chris/Someguy123 (support at privex dot io), Privex Inc, BZ, Belize, BZ, TRUE, TRUE, Yes, http://torproject.files.privex.io, https://torproject.files.privex.io, rsync://files.privex.io/mirrors/torproject.org, , http://torproject.files.privex.io/dist/, https://torproject.files.privex.io/dist/, rsync://files.privex.io/mirrors/torproject.org/dist, , Wed 26 Jun 04:17:20 2019

Let me know if there's anything I need to fix in the above CSV line (e.g. whether Belize is the correct country I should put, as the mirror is for the EU).

Chris - CEO @ Privex Inc. (https://www.privex.io <https://www.privex.io/>)

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