[tor-mirrors] New Mirror Listing - Privex

Vasilis andz at torproject.org
Tue Aug 6 12:29:00 UTC 2019

Hi Chris,

> Today we've set up a mirror for both the website, and the distributions.


> Both files.privex.io <http://files.privex.io/> and torproject.files.privex.io <http://torproject.files.privex.io/> allow you to manually select the region by adding the region code subdomain - we have se1, de1, and fin1, so for example http://de1.torproject.files.privex.io <http://de1.torproject.files.privex.io/> or http://se1.files.privex.io/mirrors/torproject.org <http://se1.files.privex.io/mirrors/torproject.org> 


> I wasn't entirely sure whether the country meant where the files were hosted, or the country the organisation is based in - currently it's BZ (Belize) as that's where Privex is incorporated. In our case, the domain will automatically hand out the closest IPv4/IPv6 address to you - in Germany, Finland, or Sweden.
> Here is the CSV entry:
> Chris/Someguy123 (support at privex dot io), Privex Inc, BZ, Belize, BZ, TRUE, TRUE, Yes, http://torproject.files.privex.io, https://torproject.files.privex.io, rsync://files.privex.io/mirrors/torproject.org, , http://torproject.files.privex.io/dist/, https://torproject.files.privex.io/dist/, rsync://files.privex.io/mirrors/torproject.org/dist, , Wed 26 Jun 04:17:20 2019
> Let me know if there's anything I need to fix in the above CSV line (e.g. whether Belize is the correct country I should put, as the mirror is for the EU).

I 'll suggest you to set 3 different mirrors (3 CSV lines) with their actual
locations as none of the servers listed runs in Belize and this may confuse

Thank you for running Tor mirrors!

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