[tor-mirrors] ADD new mirror Serverius Connectivity

merlijn at serverius.net merlijn at serverius.net
Wed Sep 26 14:57:52 UTC 2018


I would like to add our mirror server to the list.
Here is the requested information in csv format:

Merlijn de Leeuw, Serverius Connectivity, NL, Drenthe, NL, TRUE, TRUE, NO, http://mirror.serverius.net, https://mirror.serverius.net/torproject, rsync://mirror.serverius.net/torproject, , http://mirror.serverius.net/dist, https://mirror.serverius.net/dist, rsync://mirror.serverius.net/dist, Wed Sep 26 14:45:30 2018

With kind regards, Merlijn de Leeuw
On-site support engineer at the Serverius datacenters
Ketelskamp 10, 7942 KG Meppel  (The Netherlands)
merlijn at serverius.net
https://serverius.net - Skype: merlijn.serverius.bv
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