[tor-mirrors] ADD Mirror Request

Traumschule traumschuleriebau at riseup.net
Mon Oct 15 15:40:48 UTC 2018


these have been added, sorry for not answering all mails individually:

All: if your's is not listed please shout out. Also if you want another
contact address etc.

We also picked up the idea to use mirrorbits but with the current
static website there will be no Go balancing (thanks, Nikke, for the
thorough review!). Maybe someone wants to set something up that could
become mirror[s].torproject.org (if that is a good idea)?

For convenience i propose to file tickets in the new Community/Mirrors
components for future requests, but the list is fine too.

Thanks for running a mirror!

On Mon, 15 Oct 2018 14:11:08 GMT
"merlijn at serverius.net" <merlijn at serverius.net> wrote:

> Hi,
> I had submitted the info also in august but no reply unfortanely.
> We've mirrored the dist and web archives of the Tor Project.
> Organization: Serverius Connectivity
> Location: Meppel, Netherlands
> Bandwidth: 10Gbit
> http://mirror.serverius.net/torproject/dist/
> https://mirror.serverius.net/torproject/dist/
> rsync://mirror.serverius.net/torproject/dist
> WWW:
> http://mirror.serverius.net/torproject
> https://mirror.serverius.net/torproject
> rsync://mirror.serverius.net/torproject/
> With kind regards, Merlijn de Leeuw
> On-site support engineer at the Serverius datacenters
> Ketelskamp 10, 7942 KG Meppel  (The Netherlands)
> merlijn at serverius.net
> https://serverius.net - Skype: merlijn.serverius.bv
> DISCLAIMER: This email contains confidential information and is only
> intended for the addressee(s). Providing and/or sharing this
> information to third parties without the prior written permission of
> Serverius (II) B.V. is prohibited. The Serverius (II) B.V. General
> Terms & Conditions apply to this email/ticket.


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