[tor-mirrors] Mirror community update

Traumschule traumschuleriebau at riseup.net
Fri Oct 12 04:10:23 UTC 2018


this list has accumulated some unanswered mails, sorry for the delay.

 - The mirror community now has a component in trac and is waiting for
   feature requests.[2]

 - The update script got an overhaul, feel encouraged to review it! [1]

 - After removing offline mirrors 43 were still in the game. In case
   your mirror is no longer listed, please send a mail and it will be
   recovered. The current list can be seen at

 - Announced new mirrors have been added.

The TLS certificate for and tor.ozgurlesin.org does not
match the domain and there were timeouts during testing. If some errors
turn out as permanent, they mirror will be removed at some point in the
future. Feel free to comment on https://bugs.torproject.org/27997

These changes have not yet been merged to the website so in case you
find errors, there's a time window to correct them before. Please tell!

This question has already been answered, just to confirm:

> Can I just mirror the "files" and skip the "web" part?

Yes, you are free to offer one or more of following types:
 - httpWebsiteMirror
 - httpsWebsiteMirror
 - ftpWebsiteMirror
 - httpDistMirror
 - httpsDistMirror
 - onionServiceMirror

If you have ideas to improve the mirror community, please share them
on-list or if you have an account on trac at ticket #22150.

Thanks for providing a mirror in the past / present / future!

[1] https://github.com/torproject/webwml/pull/58



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