[tor-mirrors] Mirror of bridges.torproject.org

Vasilis andz at torproject.org
Thu Nov 8 16:25:00 UTC 2018

Roger Dingledine:
> Essentially you'd be setting up a web proxy that
> lets people have your view of bridges.torproject.org (i.e. the view from
> your IP address).
> The benefit would be that they can see bridges.torproject.org, and the
> drawbacks would be that they only see the bridges available to your
> slice of IP-space, and that the more people use your site, the more
> likely one of them is the censor and then those bridges get blocked.

Interesting, I forgot about the rate limit of bridges distribution per IP.
Out of curiosity how is this handled when a user access the onion version of
bridges.tpo ?

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