[tor-mirrors] DMARC problems when using this mailinglist

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Sat Jan 13 12:59:36 UTC 2018

>Понедельник,  8 января 2018, 1:38 +04:00 от Heiko Richter <email at heikorichter.name>: и вот 
>Уважаiемый друг я не сомневаюсь в вашей высокой компетенции одновременно в своих низких умственных способностях да я знаю о своих низких способностяхя вступил в группу ради одного не терять связи с TORom и вот настали черные дни ваши высоко интелектуальные советы не помогли  я просто их не понемаю поэтому прошу вас не присылать мне письма мое послание считайте  заявлением о выходе из группы искренне ваш  igor222
>Your DMARC errors are not a mailing list problem. They are a
>      problem of your own settings as the servers are just doing what
>      *you* told them to do. Sadly your SPF is misconfigured and while
>      your DKIM configuration is correct it includes the typical
>      mistakes of people that don't account for mailing list behaviour.
>--- SPF ---
>Your SPF-Record (just allowing your own mx, not the list server):
>"v=spf1 mx ~all"
>You send the e-mail to the lists servers and they forward it but
>      your SPF doesn't allow for that you receive an error. There are 2
>      ways to fix your SPF:
>1) You include the list's SPF record into your own like so
>      ("v=spf1 mx include:lists.torproject.org ~all"). This will keep
>      your messages out of the recepient's spam folders.
>2) End your SPF with a neutral catch-all. Spam filters do not
>      really make a difference between "~all" and "?all" and probably
>      most of your messages will be marked as spam but DMARC will stop
>      sending error messages as the checks will not fail anymore.
>--- DKIM ---
>Your DKIM configurations includes the following headers:
>      "from:subject:date:message-id:to:mime-version:content-type".
>Like almost all lists this one also adds a prefix to the headers
>      to allow for simple mail sorting scripts. While almost all DKIM
>      daemons recognize this problem you will still receive a DMARC
>      error as your signature will not verify (probably somthing like
>      "dkim failed [...] looks forwarded [...]").
>To fix this you have 2 options as well:
>1) You have to exclude the subject from your DKIM signature or it
>      will fail. Some DKIM implementations allow for settings on a
>      per-domain basis so you can just exclude it for the mailing lists
>      you are on.
>2) You can exclude lists.torproject.org recipients from DKIM
>      completely so your list messages will not be signed.
>PS: Please check your competence before acusing others of having
>      none. At least the SPF problem should be detectable by any
>      admin.........
>Am 07.01.2018 um 11:55 schrieb Valentin Brandl:
>>when sending a mail to this mailinglist, I receive various DMARC reports
>>from different mail providers, both private and big ones like google or
>>This doesn't happen on other mailinglists.
>>Also my mailserver flags mails from this list as spam with makes me
>>think, others might have the same problem.
>>I think it is a problem when rewriting some mail headers. It makes the
>>list a pain to use. Maybe anyone knows how to fix this.
>>I'll append the DMARC report I received from google.
>>tor-mirrors mailing list
>>tor-mirrors at lists.torproject.org
>tor-mirrors mailing list
>tor-mirrors at lists.torproject.org

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