[tor-mirrors] New mirror

Valentin Brandl mail+tor at vbrandl.net
Fri Jan 5 22:40:26 UTC 2018

Hi there,
I created a new mirror for the Tor project website and dist files.
It can be found under http://mirror.oldsql.cc/tor/ or as an onion
service via http://oldsqlcbr3aykyta.onion/tor.
The server is located in France and is hosted by OVH.
I sync the mirror every 2 hours to keep it up to date.
The server has IPv4 and IPv6 connectivity and the mirror can also be
reached using TLS. Rsync and FTP are _not_ available.

Here is my membership line for the `tor-mirrors.csv` file:
Tor Fan, Tor Supporter, FR, France, Fr, TRUE, TRUE, No, http://mirror.oldsql.cc/tor/, https://mirror.oldsql.cc/tor/, , , http://mirror.oldsql.cc/tor/dist/, https://mirror.oldsql.cc/tor/dist/, , http://oldsqlcbr3aykyta.onion/tor,

Valentin Brandl
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