[tor-mirrors] UPDATE tormirror.tb-itf-tor.de

Tobias Bauer [TB-ITF] tobias.bauer at tb-itf.de
Mon Jan 16 06:33:24 UTC 2017

Good morning,

nearly two month ago, I wrote an email to this list with an update csv string for my Tor mirror (now with ftp). I did not get an reply, so I send it again.

Please update it. Thanks.

torsupport AT tb-itf DOT de, TB-ITF, DE, Germany, Europe, TRUE, TRUE, No, http://tormirror.tb-itf-tor.de, https://tormirror.tb-itf-tor.de, , ftp://tormirror.tb-itf-tor.de/, http://tormirror.tb-itf-tor.de/dist/, https://tormirror.tb-itf-tor.de/dist/, , , Mon Jan  16 07:30:00 2017

Have a nice day,

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