[tor-mirrors] Volunteers needed?

Tyler Johnson tylrcjhnsn at gmail.com
Sat Dec 2 23:57:27 UTC 2017

> Yes please!


> One hopefully simple way is to make a diff -u and attach it to a trac
> ticket.
> The better way would be to do a git clone of the webwml repo, and put
> it on github or whatever your favorite git hoster is, and then make a
> branch with various changes, and then I can pull down your repo, look
> at the branches, and merge them.

Should I be contacting each mirror owner, or just remove them from the list
if the websites listed don't resolve or return an error?

> I think fixing some bugs in the mirror checking script would be
> helpful too, if you want to go even further. For example, if you run the
> update-mirrors script, I think it rewrites every line for failed mirrors
> to be "number of hours away from UTC" hours later. That is, there's a
> time zone bug somewhere in the perl. I bet there are more too. :)

I will certainly look into this too, although I'll admit, my perl skills
are lacking. However, I have been wanting to learn a new programming
language, so if there isn't a huge rush, I'll tackle it.

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