[tor-mirrors] incorrect mirror entry

Sebastian Hahn mail at sebastianhahn.net
Wed Jan 13 23:22:05 UTC 2016

> On 13 Jan 2016, at 14:00, Nocturnal Filth <nocturnalfilth at protonmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Sebastian,
> Not sure if the format changed slightly, but my entry should have been the following:
> NocturnalFilth, Disciples of Disorder, NL, Netherlands, NL, TRUE, FALSE, NO, http://torproject.mirror.disciplesofdisorder.com, https://torproject.mirror.disciplesofdisorder.com, , ,http://torproject.mirror.disciplesofdisorder.com/dist/, https://torproject.mirror.disciplesofdisorder.com/dist/, , , Mon Dec 21 12:56:00 2015
> I have no FTP, but do have a https and http web and dist

should be fixed soon, thanks

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