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Peter Ludikovsky peter at ludikovsky.name
Wed Feb 24 08:57:40 UTC 2016


Ad 1) More than enough. The mirror currently uses about 36 GiB, my
personal high water mark was around 42 GiB.
Ad 2,4) TLS is not required, nor should you redirect if an unencrypted
connection is requested, as I understand it.
Ad 3) You can leave it empty.

Don't forget to format your entry according to the CSV found at


Am 24.02.2016 um 03:53 schrieb Nathaniel Suchy:
> I am working on setting up a mirror. I have a few questions: 1) I
> currently have a single 100mbps port on my server. Is this enough. 
> I also have 60gb of disk space this can be increased. 2) I am
> setting up a hostname for the mirror and will have SSL enabled, if
> I understand correctly you DO NOT want SSL forced right? 3) I see
> on the mirror page that there is an organization listed. If I'm an
> individual may I have my name listed beside it? 4) Do you require
> SSL? I'd like to get the mirror up as soon as possible. I will
> setup SSL if needed but if you do not require it I'm not going to
> waste time
> Thanks in advance.
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