[tor-mirrors] (Fixed) Tor mirror at tor.eprci.net

Jeremy J. Olson, EPRCI tor at eprci.net
Sun Mar 1 04:21:42 UTC 2015

Somehow the "https website" column for EPRCI on the Tor mirror webpage got
buggered up; it's showing up as https://www.torproject.org/www.eprci.com/tor/
when it should be https://www.eprci.com/tor/ .

Here's the full CSV snippet again:---

adminContact, orgName, isoCC, subRegion, region, ipv4, ipv6, loadBalanced, httpWebsiteMirror, httpsWebsiteMirror, rsyncWebsiteMirror, ftpWebsiteMirror, httpDistMirror, httpsDistMirror, rsyncDistMirror, hiddenServiceMirror, updateDate
tor AT eprci NET, EPRCI, US, NH, US, TRUE, FALSE, No, http://tor.eprci.net/, https://www.eprci.com/tor/, , , http://tor.eprci.net/dist/, https://www.eprci.com/tor/dist/, , , 

At 2015-01-01T21:52:39-0500, <tor at eprci.net> wrote:

> Hi,
> I've fixed my Tor mirror after those rsync changes were made in
> October. Attached is the CSV file containing its stats.
> At 2013-12-20T11:35:27-0500, <tor at eprci.net> wrote:
> > Hi,
> > 
> > I've set up a mirror of the Tor website at http://tor.eprci.net/. It is
> > currently available via HTTP, and is set up to sync with your main
> > server every six hours. Please list it on your mirror list under the
> > name "EPRCI".


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