[tor-mirrors] Mirror list not being updated

Andrew Lewman andrew at torproject.is
Mon Jan 12 22:09:16 UTC 2015

I just added it to the csv again, should be in there now. It'll take a 
day or two to show up on the site.



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Sent: 2015-01-12 15:16:59
Subject: Re: [tor-mirrors] Mirror list not being updated

>Odd, my mirrors that I sent a week or so ago aren't in 
>or tor-mirrors.csv
>t: @kuramanga <https://twitter.com/kuramanga>
>w: https://kura.io/
>g: @kura <http://git.io/kura>
>>On 12/01/2015 19:21:31, Andrew Lewman <andrew at torproject.is> wrote:
>>The website is built automatically these days, see
>>The latest mirror updates were pushed about 20 hours ago,
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>>From: "Kura" <kura at kura.io>
>>To: tor-mirrors at lists.torproject.org
>>Sent: 2015-01-12 02:58:18
>>Subject: [tor-mirrors] Mirror list not being updated
>> >I've noticed the mirror list doesn't seem to be being updated on the
>> >website or on Git. I'm not seeing my mirror or any of the newer ones
>> >that have been emailed to this mailing list, or am I just being an
>> >idiot?
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