[tor-mirrors] HTTPS over port 80

Syrup-tan syrup+tor at denpa.moe
Thu Jan 1 00:36:37 UTC 2015


I setup a mirror on one of my non-relay servers; http://denpa.moe/~syrup/mirrors/torproject.org/ <http://denpa.moe/~syrup/mirrors/torproject.org/>

It’s currently setup to route everything through https, including traffic to port 80.

I read the pointers from the FAQ, specifically; (https://www.torproject.org/docs/running-a-mirror.html.en <https://www.torproject.org/docs/running-a-mirror.html.en>)

> Try not to redirect http to https. Many places in the world cannot use https due to local or national firewalls.

I was wondering if my mirror still be available to the majority of these users. If the ISP is only blocking port 443, they should still be able to access my site via SSL over port 80, but if they’re doing deeper packet inspection they might not be able to reach it, correct?


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