[tor-mirrors] EPRCI Tor mirror updated

Jeremy J. Olson, EPRCI tor at eprci.net
Sun Dec 20 15:24:06 UTC 2015


I've updated my Tor Project mirror URLs.

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tor at eprci.net, EPRCI, US, , NH, True, False, , http://tor.eprci.net/, https://tor.eprci.net/, , , http://tor.eprci.net/dist/, https://tor.eprci.net/dist/, , ,

Both HTTP and HTTPS are hosted at tor.eprci.net now. HTTPS is using a real SSL
certificate (from letsencrypt.org), not a self-signed cert anymore. Per the
mirror page instructions, HTTP does *not* redirect to HTTPS, so the site is
fully available on both protocols.

Jeremy J. Olson (tor at eprci.net)

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