[tor-mirrors] Re-add cyberside.net.ee/cyberside.planet.ee

Margus Random margus.random at mail.ee
Wed Sep 10 00:25:20 UTC 2014

> The last run of the script returned this:
> http://cyberside.planet.ee/tor//project/trace/www-master.torproj
> ect.org: 200
>         ExtractDate(Tue Sep  2 15:51:53 UTC 2014) = 1409673113
> http://cyberside.planet.ee/tor///dist/torbrowser/4.0-alpha-2/Tor
> Browser-4.0-alpha-2-osx32_pt-PT.dmg:
> 404

Thanks for pointing this out. I've indeed skipped the "4*alpha" and "< latest 3.x version" folders under TorBrowser, as the Planet.ee server doesn't have enough space to include them.

As there are plans to require even more space from the mirrors in the future, then I've decided to convert the Net.ee server from a DIST-only to full mirror and it would be great if you could replace the current inactive CyberSiDE entry with the following:

margus.random AT mail.ee, CyberSiDE, EE, Estonia, EE, TRUE, FALSE, No, http://cyberside.net.ee/sibul/, , , , http://cyberside.net.ee/sibul/dist/, , , , Tue Sep  9 15:41:31 UTC 2014

Still being synced via FTP every 6 hours from a private server, which rsync's from TorProject.org.

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