[tor-mirrors] Testing cloudflare on a mirror of tor's website

Moritz Bartl moritz at torservers.net
Tue Sep 9 22:09:52 UTC 2014

On 09/09/2014 11:36 PM, Lunar wrote:
>>> Do you know about their data retention policies? Do they log IP
>>> addresses? How long do they keep the data? Can we trust what they would
>>> say?
>> I assume they log everything and keep it forever.
> For what I know, this would be different from the current policy of
> www.torproject.org
> I think protecting users' privacy should be in the equation.

With the current structure of mirrors, we already rely on 3rd parties
with whatever policy they have. I don't think Andrew is actually
suggesting to move the main site or main mirrors over there.

Personally, I would do everything to avoid these services, especially
since they regularly block Tor users, centralize the Internet, often
provide bad SSL gateways (with changing certs etc), and I hate to have
to allow active content coming from some generic CDN. I am clearly
against using commercial CDNs for anything, but if someone wants to run
a mirror there, and even if that someone happens to be Andrew, I can't
really argue against it. It might actually allow some users to reach a
mirror for which other mirrors are blocked.

Moritz Bartl

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