[tor-mirrors] Change mirror

Sebastian Pfeifer sebastian at pfeifer.or.at
Sun Oct 26 11:45:44 UTC 2014

it's not really important but the organisation of our mirror changed.
So the new line is:

kontakt at unicorncloud.org, UnicornCloud.org, AT, Favoriten, Wien, TRUE,
TRUE, No, http://www.unicorncloud.org/public/torproject.org/,
https://www.unicorncloud.org/public/torproject.org/, , ,
https://www.unicorncloud.org/public/torproject.org/dist, , , Wed Oct  26
11:52:11 2014

All the best,

-- vy 73 de Sebastian Pfeifer OE6SPD Have you tried turning it off and
on again? 0x018FF983 +43 (0) 720 515687 sebastian at unicorncloud.org

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