[tor-mirrors] New mirror

Matt Kraai kraai at ftbfs.org
Fri Oct 24 14:45:54 UTC 2014


I've set up a mirror of the Tor website.  Here is the corresponding
line for tor-mirrors.csv:

kraai at ftbfs.org 0xADCE6065,,SE,Sweden,Europe,TRUE,TRUE,No,http://tor.ftbfs.org/,,,,http://tor.ftbfs.org/dist/,,,,Fri Oct 24 14:28:32 2014

There's also an HTTPS mirror at the same hostname, but it's using a
self-signed certificate.  If that's OK, here's a line including it:

kraai at ftbfs.org 0xADCE6065,,SE,Sweden,Europe,TRUE,TRUE,No,http://tor.ftbfs.org/,https://tor.ftbfs.org/,,,http://tor.ftbfs.org/dist/,https://tor.ftbfs.org/dist/,,,Fri Oct 24 14:28:32 2014


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