[tor-mirrors] MODIFY alebcay.tk mirror

Caleb Xu calebcenter at live.com
Wed May 21 04:09:13 UTC 2014


The mirror under organization "alebcay.tk" (address is http://alebcay.mooo.com:8080) has undergone some changes:

- the address is now at http://tor.alebcay.tk (port 80, default). The domain no longer routes through CloudFlare, so it's easier to serve pages through that domain.
- FTP address is now at ftp://ftp.alebcay.tk (port 21, default)
- rsync access to the website (not /dist) is now available at rsync://alebcay.tk/tor

Our CSV entry now reads:

calebcenter at live.com, alebcay.tk, US, United States, US, TRUE, FALSE, NO, http://tor.alebcay.tk, , rsync://alebcay.tk/tor, ftp://ftp.alebcay.tk, http://tor.alebcay.tk/dist, , ,

The status of all services (including the Tor mirror) hosted on the alebcay.tk domain can be checked on http://status.alebcay.tk at any time (hosted on an outside server for redundancy).

Caleb Xu

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