[tor-mirrors] Seeking Bash Scripting Experience for a Specialized Download Mirror

William Papper william at papper.me
Sat May 17 00:36:40 UTC 2014

Hi all,

We're working on a simplified download site for the Tor Browser on the
www-team mailing list. Development is currently taking place on a GitHub
repo here <https://github.com/wpapper/tor-download-web>, and the latest
version of the site can be found

We are seeking to create a setup script which would allow the download site
to be turned into a full-fledged download mirror. Ideally, someone can use
git clone, run setup.sh, and have a working download mirror fully

The setup script should:

1. Pull the contents of Tor’s website mirror (or even just dist/torbrowser
if possible, since that's all we need)

2. Check the GPG keys to make sure that nothing has been modified

3. Move the download files into a mirror directory and update the URLs
found in thank-you.js<https://github.com/wpapper/tor-download-web/blob/master/js/thank-you.js>

4. Ensure that the mirror and the git repo will auto update using cron and
will work across version numbers

Would someone be able to help us create this script using Bash? A very
basic outline of the script can be found

Thank you for your help!


Will Papper
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