[tor-mirrors] Hello - new mirror

Hasan Berkay Çağır berkay at kslt.tk
Sun Mar 23 14:02:59 UTC 2014


I forgot to say, it supports SSL and it's country short code seems to be TK, shouldn't it be TR?


On March 23, 2014 3:17:36 PM EET, Andrew Lewman <andrew at torproject.is> wrote:
>On Mon, Mar 10, 2014 at 05:46:00PM +0200, berkay at kslt.tk wrote 0.3K
>bytes in 0 lines about:
>: I've opened a new mirror in Turkey, address is http://tor.kslt.tk/.
>Thanks for running a mirror! I've added you to the list and you should
>be going live on the site in a bit.
>pgp 0x6B4D6475
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