[tor-mirrors] New Torproject Mirror

info at xn--externenprfung-nichtschler-7zcn.de info at xn--externenprfung-nichtschler-7zcn.de
Wed Mar 19 18:44:24 UTC 2014

Hello everybody I'd like to introduce myself:

My name's André Schulz and i'm currently hosting a mirror of the Tor  
website at


and the dist is located at



Via the .htaccess-file I activated Directory Indexing so the dist  
directory can be seen in public.

I didn't buy an SSL-Certificate yet, so i'm only hosting in http - not https.

Further information and mirror details:

| Country | Organisation | Status | ftp | http dist/ | http website |  
https dist/ | https website | rsync dist/ | rsync website |

| DE | Externenprüfung Nichtschüler | Up to date | - | http  
[http://tor.xn--externenprfung-nichtschler-7zcn.de/dist/] | http  
[http://tor.xn--externenprfung-nichtschler-7zcn.de/] | - | - | - | - |

To specify the "up do date": I let a cronjob execute an .sh-script  
every 4 hours so my mirror is synchronized with your primary server  
every 4 hours ^^

André Schulz

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