[tor-mirrors] Changed hostname t02.nl

Tim Semeijn webmaster at bbln.nl
Thu Jan 23 23:23:51 UTC 2014


The t02.nl mirror has been moved to a new host so below is the updated 
information. SSL support has been added. As the .ML registrations have 
become publicly available early January I managed to get me a nice 
domain from Mali for the mirror.

adminContact, orgName, isoCC, subRegion, region, ipv4, ipv6, 
loadBalanced, httpWebsiteMirror, httpsWebsiteMirror, rsyncWebsiteMirror, 
ftpWebsiteMirror, httpDistMirror, httpsDistMirror, rsyncDistMirror, 
hiddenServiceMirror, updateDate
webmaster AT bbln DOT nl, BBLN<http://stalkr.net>, NL, The Netherlands, 
Europe, True, True, No, http://mirror.ml/tor/<http://tor.stalkr.net/>, 
https://mirror.ml/tor/<https://tor.stalkr.net/>, , , 
https://mirror.ml/tor/dist/, , , Fri Jan  24 00:17:17 2014

Best regards,

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