[tor-mirrors] Creep.im

Thwarth Wrhalthssen wrhalthssen at ya.ru
Thu May 23 11:59:55 UTC 2013

Hello. Recently I've slightly updated my mirror. Now it's a HTTP and 
HTTPS website mirror, rsync daemon for website and dist and also FTP. 
The server is running Debian Wheezy (stable). Please update the record 
in the mirrors list on the site accordingly:


FTP: ftp://creep.im/mirrors/tor
HTTP dist: http://creep.im/tor/dist
HTTP website: http://creep.im/tor
HTTPS dist: https://creep.im/tor/dist
HTTPS website: https://creep.im/tor
rsync dist: rsync://creep.im/tor-dist
rsync website: rsync://creep.im/tor

By the way, how we can resolve the issue with 'Status: Unknown', is 
anything wrong with my mirror or your script doing something wrong? I 
will fix the problem in a short time if it is on my side.

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