[tor-mirrors] ADD mirror "http://mirror.bbln.nl/tor"

Taiga-san admin at taiga-san.net
Wed Jul 10 22:58:40 UTC 2013

There's a script running in the background, checking the mirrors from time
to time and updating the status of them. No action should be required from
any side :)

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An: mirroring the tor website and distribution directory
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On 10-7-2013 2:21, Andrew Lewman wrote:
> Thanks for running a mirror! And thanks for setting up relays. Your 
> mirror is added and should be on the site shortly.

Thanks for your reply! It is great to hear my mirror got added to the list.
Currently my mirror shows as status 'Unknown'. Is it a matter of time before
it will show 'Up to date' or is further action on my side required?
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