[tor-mirrors] ADD mirror "http://mirror.bbln.nl/tor"

Tim webmaster at bbln.nl
Tue Jul 9 21:39:50 UTC 2013


I am currently busy setting up some TOR relays and wish to get my 
website mirror added to the list. I have been using TOR as an end-user 
for quite some time but I have finally come to the stage to contribute 
myself. I can not offer other than HTTP at the moment but I will try my 
best to add more protocols. Cron runs every 4 hours.

mirrorNNN => {
   adminContact => "webmaster AT bbln DOT nl",
   orgName => "BBLN.nl",
   isoCC => "NL",
   subRegion => "The Netherlands",
   region => "Europe",
   ipv4 => "True",
   ipv6 => "True",
   loadBalanced => "No",
   httpWebsiteMirror => "http://mirror.bbln.nl/tor",
   httpsWebsiteMirror => "",
   rsyncWebsiteMirror => "",
   ftpWebsiteMirror => "",
   httpDistMirror => "http://mirror.bbln.nl/tor/dist",
   httpsDistMirror => "",
   rsyncDistMirror => "",
   hiddenServiceMirror => ""



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