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Of course they aren't. The new servers are really cheap, where should they
take the money for the lawyers from?

By the way: They're pretty restrictive about anything proxy- and
irc-related. While they don't care about warez as long as nobody legally
complains, your server gets immediately locked for anything looking like a
backdoor, spam, DDoS-attacks etc.

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I haven't actually found anything particular in the contract for

However, I have found this in the German ovh.de contract:

"9.1. Aus Sicherheitsgründen müssen sämtliche Nutzungendurch Kunden
vonnachfolgend beispielhaft und nicht abschließend genannten Diensten vor
einer vorgesehenen Nutzung bei OVH per E-Mail an kundendenst at ovh.de
beantragtwerden unter genauer Angabe der vorgesehenen Dienste; [...]
Anonymisierungsdienste aller Art (z.B. Tor) etc"


which basically says that you have to ask them for permission before running
Tor at all (the way I understand it, AT ALL, meaning client/relay/exit node,
doesn't matter) for "security reasons".

Furthermore it continues: "Unabhängig davon ist der Betrieb von öffentlich
zugänglichen Proxy-Diensten und öffentlich zugänglichen Exit-Nodes auf
Servern der OVH ausdrücklich verboten und nicht genehmigungsfähig."

Read: "public" exit nodes are not allowed at all and won't be authorized.

The French contract for ovh.com has something similar but different:

"7.4 Pour des raisons de sécurité, OVH se réserve la possibilité de procéder
à la suspension immédiate et sans préavis de tout Serveur sur lequel serait
proposé à titre gracieux ou onéreux, un service ouvert au public de Proxy,
IRC, VPN, TOR, pour lequel OVH aur ait connaissance d'une utilisation
malveillante, frauduleuse ou illicite."

>From my understanding saying that, again for "security reasons", they
reserve the right to suspend all services i.e. when running a "public"
Tor service.


So overall it's safe to say OVH is pretty restrictive about running Tor
relays, not to mention exit nodes. Definitely not a Tor friendly hosting


On 08/05/2013 01:32 AM, Steve Snyder wrote:
> On 08/04/2013 06:59 PM, Neo wrote:
>> Hey,
>> Since OVH offer these 4Euro Dedicated i bought one but it was not 
>> allowed to run a Tor Relay on it so i putted a Mirror on it:
> They wouldn't even allow a middle node?
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